Biggest interactive augmented reality sculpture in the world

Biggâr consist of 7.463.185.678 virtual blocks encapsulating the whole earth, making it the biggest possible virtual sculpture in the world. A leap forward in terms of scale, based on new limitless dimensional possibilities brought to the physical space through Augmented Reality.

The Biggâr sphere is also the biggest interactive artwork in the world, because with a single tap on your mobile phone, all of the 7.463.185.678 blocks worldwide will change color collectively. Making it an instant collaborative augmented space, connecting Japan to Djibouti or Poland to India through a continuous series of color changing acts by individuals worldwide.

And last but not least: Biggâr is getting even bigger, because the sculptures' radius expands 1 (virtual) meter every day since its launch at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam on November 18th 2010