The surveillance camera at the corner of Witte de Withstraat / Hartmansstraat in Rotterdam couldn’t handle a specific type of the color blue, a flaw discovered and exploited by Sander Veenhof in the context of the ‘For Security Reasons’ exhibition at Showroom MAMA.

A temporary ‘de-surveillance service point’ on the same streetcorner assisted visitors of the De Wereld van Witte de With festival to disappear from the Rotterdam surveillance camera network: by wearing or holding anything blue, they could become invisible.

Invisible outfits

Concept: Sander Veenhof


Marieke de Rooij
Tim Braakman
Aline Yntema
Alyssa Mahler

Building / construction:

Ivo Sieben
Intern: Hugo

Rookies de-surveillance servicepoint:

Marielle van Genderen

Rookies flyeren: Eveline Iris

Sponsoring and support:

Rotterdam Festivals

& MAMA staff:

Karin de Wild Margriet Brouwer Gerben Willers Nous faes