No time and/or money to travel to Africa for a wild and adventurous safari?

Augmented Reality provides the solution! Experience a unique collection of wild animals now inhabiting the city of Eindhoven. Observe them using advanced contemporary mobile technology:
The augmented reality browser Layar, available for iPhone 3GS/4 or Android smartphones (free download in the app store)

Check out PULSE 2010 to register for a Layar Safari by Landcruiser, including guide & 3D animal sounds (amplified through the car stereo)

Or get yourself a DIY package including map, sounds instructions and ..... a car-sticker!

Concept & realisation:

Sander Veenhof

Design and co-creation:

Victor de Vries

Commissioned by:

MAD - René Paré


"Dear passengers, welcome to the Layer Safari. One of the city tours of pulse two thousand and ten. A unique experience exploring an environment with contemporary inhabitants: virtual animals now living in the augmented reality of the city of Eindhoven.

This vehicle will take you along elephants, lions, giraffes and crocodiles, to be discovered using the augmented reality browser Layer on your smartphone.

So please be sure your phone battery is fully loaded, and if you have not already done so, please download the application named "Layar" from the eye tunes app store. Start the application, and search for the local safari layar, and open the layar by tapping on the small blue icon.


When you see white dots in the compass in the radar at the top right corner of the screen, we are close to an animal. If you do not see dots, wait a little while and press the compass or settings button at the bottom to activate a fresh search. Repeat this action once in a while to update your view when we have travelled some distance. New animals might have appeared!

We will pass by most of the numbered areas indicated on the map, but if you spot a good screenshot opportunity on the way, just ask the driver to stop. For now, enjoy the tour, and for your safety, don't panic, virtual animals don't bite."

More photos: