An interactive real-time Second Life installation for people and their avatar

  INTRODUCTION   Ever wondered how you would get along with your own avatar? Ever wished you two could meet? Now you can! By using your webcam and having your avatar pose in front of a virtual in-world bluescreen, you will be brought together for a unique meet'n'greet! 3D meets 3D in 2D.

 HOW IT WORKS   An in-world bluescreen is screencaptured and externally chromakeyed and mixed with webcam snapshots, taken at regular intervals. The resulting photograph is projected on an in-world projection screen and published on the web too, so it can be emailed as a souvenir of the meeting.
  • In-world bluescreen and projection screen (finished)
  • Webpage with webcam recorder (in progress)
  • Second Life account including land (available)
  • Automated screencapture and keying software (freeware available, tested ok)
  • Because of need to screencapture, dedicated hosting is needed (to be chosen)

(This interactive installation is no longer available in SL)