Read the mind of fish using augmented reality

(And discover that they speak Dutch!)

installation & concept: Arthur van Beek
augmented reality & concept:    Sander Veenhof
monologues, dialogues, texts: Edith Kuyvenhoven
detection software & interface:     Tijmes Woudenberg

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Realised with support of the AFK

for the Cinekid festival 2011


Using augmented reality to let fish 'talk' (Cinekid festival 2011)

T.R.H.s Prince Willem-Alexander of Oranje and Princess Maxima of the Netherlands interacting with "Mind the fish" installation at the opening day of the Cinekid festival (photo: Volkskrant newspaper)

Video: Jeugdjournaal

Using a custom built AR application, we have been able to let fish 'talk'. They speak Dutch, we have found out. The fish monologues and dialogues appear in cartoon call-outs above the fish.

The installation bridges the analog and digital world, as well as the world inside and outside a fish bowl. Kids loved it, as well as the royal couple prince Willem Alexander and Maxima, who were guests at the opening of the Cinekid festival.

Interaction is minimalistic, limited to rotating the camera connected to the periscope display, and following the fish whose story catches your interest. So in fact it's very old fashioned storytelling. But in a new format.