el NBEEP6 - free and untracable communication


Explaining NBEEP6 at a market in Cameroon, Afrika.


Distributing A4 papers with NBEEP6 instructions. using a typical "call-box" style. Ndobo village, near Douala.


Message exchange between two groups.

(See video above)


Showing the 'NBEEP franchise pack' contents: material to be given to call-boxes wishing to present the NBEEP communication method to their clients.


The NBEEP6 concept turns a set of 6 mobile phones into one clustered 'multi-morse-code' apparatus. By just making missed calls according to a defined scheme, messages can be transmitted, one character at a time.

A slow, but highly untracable and anonymous communication protocol, resistant to government attempts to take it down. Only a complete shutdown of the full mobile phone network would achieve that.

It was conceptualised and first introduced in Cameroon, Afrika, where a subtle but strong anti anonimity strategy was being deployed to secure government control on mobile communication with the 2011 re-elections of president Biya ahead. Hence the French language in the instructions below.

The NBEEP6 instructions were printed on A4 paper and spread to the public at local "call-box styled" market booths for free. An open source version of the protocol with DIY definable messages was distributed too.