Where will we be in the world of the future, and how will this world of the future manifest itself? Will we be sitting at home, exploring an Oculus universe constructed by Facebook, or will we be exploring a semi-digital world controlled by Google? While both companies are still engaged in a battle for our eyeballs, when Google Glass and Oculus Rift go hand in end the result is a winning team: OcuplusGlass! Let Google Glass guide you to those spots and trajectories in the city where the physical world matches the virtual experience.

A mash-up solving a lot of the disadvantages of each of the devices. If you're ignoring the world around you and experiencing Oculus content in isolation, at your couch at home, you're missing something. Finding the world of Glass not that immersive? The OcuplusGlass tours lets both devices do what they can do best, and it adds an element that seems to be absent more and more in the increasingly digital society of today: the human touch. Being guided by a human goes beyond any audiovisual technological feature thinkable.

OculusPlus tours allows owners of Google Glass to experience their devices at an unprecedented level of usefullness: providing GPS-routing, using the compass, taking pictures, providing relevant facts & figures and even displaying witty texts to speak out loud to make a major impression on the person being guided.

Safe outdoor experience

Live narration

Synchronised 360 videowalks

Oculus owners can feel what it's like to breathe some fresh air, feel the grass under their feet or they can turn a tram-ride through Amsterdam into a unique experience: a ride in the slowest rollercoaster on the planet.

Until now, Oculus Rift outdoor usage was difficult to survive. Especially in urban areas. Don't miss this unique opportunity to join a VR IRL Google Glass guided tour and explore your city in an unparalleled way.


OcuplusGlass is a concept by Sander Veenhof, an independent hands-on researcher, innovator and explorer of new (narrative) formats for a world in which virtual material and data have truly merged. His working prototype based research reflects on the possibilities and impact of new technologies in our society. Having created numerous augmented reality projects across the world, at times Veenhof brings together various creations on a single point in time and space during virtual festivals, organised in cooperation with interaction designer Klasien van de Zandschulp.

Thanks to Stijn Kuipers for the providing us the Oculus Rift device and Victor the Vries for the fabrication of Google Cardboard DIY packages for the workshop.