Virtual meets real on a Google map of The Hague
Using a virtual to real-world conversion mechanism, the location of Second Life avatars is converted to locations on the map of The Hague.

Carrying a GPS device, a group of walking tour participants will explore the real-life manifestation of the virtual world, interacting with the avatars in their vicinity.

Citywalk participants in The Hague carrying an internet-connected laptop showing the 'avatar population' on a Googlemap of The Hague.

Through a megaphone they listen to the Second Life conversation happening at their virtual spot in the virtual world.

Interactive Googlemap showing the locations of Second Life avatars around their virtual counterpart walking through Second Life.
Appearance of the automated Second Life avatar, walking through the virtual world, synchronous to the movements of the GPS-tracked citywalk particpants.

The avatar functioned as communication channel between citywalk partipants on the street and Second Life avatars: the Second Life chat-conversation was audible on the streets, and the people on the street could chat in the virtual world by sending text-messages with their mobile phones.


Concept & realisation: Sander Veenhof / SNDRV
Commissioned by: TAG The Hague
Photo's: Eelco Borremans