Created in co-operation by Sander Veenhof and TAB Worldmedia

for LTV (LowlandsTV) / Captain Video - Lowlands 2011

Contributions by:

Lamelos, Baschz leeft, Jean-Marc van Tol, Ype+Willem and others

During the Lowlands music festival in Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands, visitors were able to join a "Shirt Safari" tour. Equipped with their own smartphone, they could hunt down the "Big 5" in festival shirts. Because of its' summer setting, The Lowlands festival is known for its' very diverse population of t-shirts. Unaware owners of the selected t-shirts suddenly turned into temporary VIP's, when a crowd of excited shirt hunters took augmented photos of the shirt. Making the shirt hunt an experience for both hunters, shirt wearers but curious onlookers too, who did not see the reason for all the exitement: the custom addition to several shirts created by a group of visual artists.
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Created by: Ype+Willem (

original concept sketch