Digital Fashion NFTs

Digital fashion is making significant steps thanks to the latest developments in the field of augmented reality. With bodytracking software and the new range of comfortable AR glasses we'll soon be living in a semi-digital world, wearing virtual fashion in AR.

There will be new ways to get dressed, new ways to benefit from owning a piece of digital fashion and new ways to show off your digitally owned property. This collection of AR NFTs is aimed at exploring that new territory.

AR try on

Scan the yellow codes below with the Snapchat AR app to launch the AR lenses


interactive garment


Beachballing t-shirt

subtle interactivity


color picker t-shirt

Hands-on outfit

Abstract fashion

If you own one of the 3 NFTs you can find the required 6 digit PIN-code in the hidden field of your NFT.

Enter the PIN code by moving both in the 3D space around you. The X,Y,Z position of hand 1 defines the first 3 digits, the position of your other hand controls the last 3 digits.

*) PIN codes in the videos are blurred. These are revealed after purchase of the NFT

More about the context of this PIN mechanism annex digital fashion tool >