Augmented Reality fashion

There is a lot of interest interest in virtual fashion these days. The domain has taken some crucial steps and another big leap forward is about to happen soon. Rendering techniques have improved radically compared to the AR fashion from years ago and with the Non Fungible Tokens there’s now a valid payment system. But the real boost can be expected when consumer AR glasses will hit the market. Then, virtual fashion can finally be worn ‘for real’. Step by step, we'll enter a new era for digital fashion, with some problems to fix, but with way more new and interesting opportunities to explore.

Medium article: What's next for digital fashion?

Overview of AR fashion experiments/explorations:


Best Friend Fashion

Fashion 4 two

Beachballing t-shirt

subtle interactivity

If you own one of the 3 NFTs you can find the required 6 digit PIN-code in the hidden field of your NFT.

Enter the PIN code by moving both in the 3D space around you. The X,Y,Z position of hand 1 defines the first 3 digits, the position of your other hand controls the last 3 digits.

Hands-on outfit

Abstract fashion


interactive garment


Cube outfit

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How to see the AR outfit you're wearing?


Amsterdam Fashion Week collaboration: fashion designers Jacob Kok and Julie Zil VostaLova and hands-on futurist Sander Veenhof