FEEL  the presence  of  real  avatars  in 
a  cross-world  interactive  seesaw  installation,  
connecting  virtual  life  to  our  physical  world 

  EXPLANATION     A platform carrying people is extended into the virtual reality of Second Life, an avatar inhabited world. The estimated weight of avatars standing on the virtual side of the platform is calculated, and processed together with the total weight of the people standing on the physical side of it. This leads to continuous adjustments in both the hydraulic powered part of the installation and the virtual part, making it a seesaw that lets both types of visitors experience and feel the weight of a virtual reality avatar.

Concept & SL development
Sander Veenhof / SNDRV

Software, video & sensor programming
Michael Pelletier

Technical assistance
Teun and Abdul (NEMO)

Hardware and machinery advice
Fiona van de Geijn and
Alex Schaub of FabLab / De Waag

Organisational advice
Bas van Abel of FabLab / De Waag

Motion hardware
E-Motek medical

Streaming video
Engage! Tactical Media

Art support
PLANETART featuring artists
Sandwoman, Arahan Claveau & Nebulosus Severine

realisation made possible by and SenterNovem Innovatievoucher program

Chantal Harvey /

contact/info: info[a]

 UPDATE NOV 2008  - Feel connected to Second Life

 UPDATE OKT 2008  - Building the virtual side of the seesaw plateau: