@SNDRV is the artist label of Sander Veenhof (NL, 1973). With artistic interventions in various domains has been pioneering AR art since 2010. Gradually, his work has changed from placing virtual appearances or layers of information in the world around us, to exploring how we're becoming part of the semi-digital ecosystem. Through the creation of prototypes he explores aspects of this future scenario. Nowadays his works come to life through AR glasses and through interactive Zoom filter-effects.

His involvement in the AR scene goes back to 2010 when he exibited his AR work uninvitedly in the MoMA NY. His recent works created since the start of the pandemic in the beginning of 2020 have been dealing with the days we spend online in Zoom, or Teams experiencing what it means to become semi-digital personas. In that sense his facefilter creation are also an exploration of a future that might come soon, with the numerous AR glasses on the horizon. How to Be Your Own Robot is one of the themes addressed in his work and his series of facefilter effects.