AR fashion NFT's

Instead of owning a static jpeg or (animated) gif that will end up on your harddisk or in your private cloud, why not consider buying an #augmentedreality NFT you can actually use and wear? Thereby showcasing your purchase and promoting it, if you consider a resale.

Collective Collectibles #01

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This "Collective collectible 01" is a shared augmented reality outfit. Shared with the whole world, because the AR effect is openly available. But why purchase something that anyone can wear? The value of this outfit will increase the more people wear it, as it's obtrusively communicating that it's for sale.

And is there another benefit of becoming the owner of a piece of this shared creation? Yes, only the 5 owners of the 5 elements can control how this piece of virtual clothing looks on everyone anywhere 'wearing' it by uploading a texture on the part they own.


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New experiment: I'm selling my latest NFT as an ongoing "work in progress" prototype.

With each doubling of the price on the secondary market, I'll enhance this interactive #augmentedreality prototype with a new feature.

The reason behind this try-out?

Being a creator of scripted #digitalfashion I'm wondering what to do with the aspect that my #NFTs are programmed entities.

Software has a lifecycle, it might require an update one day. Should future upgrades of the NFT code be the responsibility of the artist/creator? A development team might not exist forever.

Another way to ask that question is: should this kind of NFT be sold including its source code? Probably not. It's not what buyers (should) want. And when selling documented code, would significant changes to the unique NFT be allowed?

If neither option works, and using an automated software update process that would be guaranteed to work forever doesn't exist, what to do?

Would a written promise of future manual updates be convincing enough? Then this would become an ordinary software development process, with a feature list and a price indication.

Let's try something speculative. An NFT which will gain more functions along the way, it might increase in value, but the risk of discontinuation will be spread across the serial owners of this new piece.

Shared Shirt

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Claim one of the 9999 available shirt texts inside this single AR NFT shirt. A unique PIN protected collective property.